Nimest among the Top 20 Global Startups 5G

The evolution technology does not stop. Telecommunications companies around the world are working on 5G technology, considered the next evolutionary step for wireless broadband. 5G networks promise future users broader and more efficient coverage, greater data transfers, and significantly more simultaneous connections. While 5G is coming, many technology service providers have begun to try to deploy it for benefits such as better interconnectivity, better energy savings, reduced latency and cost, and more.

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Video – Nimest makes to the news

Dinheiro Vivo, one of the most influential economy news network in Portugal, made a video about Nimest investment plans. Entitled “Live. A app que coloca os ilustres a contar a história das cidades” the video explains the company work and technologies being used and plans for investment and growth.

You can watch it on

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Video – Nimest makes to the news

TV Alfenas, Brazilian local network, made an video interview with Nimest Director, Carlos Morais. During the interview, Carlos Morais, explains about the platform and how was to create a company. The intention of the program is to show citizens of the city and region who are making the difference in the world.

You can watch at

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