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Explore the world on a way never seen!

On this first Version, you can be introduced to 9 of most important people in Portuguese History. They are Poets, Kings, Politicians and many other who will give you a glimpse of how they lived their lives and became so important for a country.

With "4D Travel" app you will, soon, be able to listen to over 30 different stories across Portugal from 9 historical character.

Meet them around Lisbon and Oporto and find out how they lived their lives, what they think about love, and many other subjects about them and about the environment they lived in.

Keep updated because Portuguese Geolocated Stories and new French Historical Characters are coming soon.

Meet some of the most important historical characters in the world.

On our platform, you can meet poets, kings, entrepreneurs, politicians and many other people who made our world today to look like it is.

They are always shown in the most humane way possible, with subjects going far beyond historical facts. Our characters remember their loves, fears, pleasures in life and other points that will make you have a fantastic experience.

Stories Map

Here is a list of locations where you can watch our stories soon.

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