Attract up to 250% more visitors organically

AR Guide gives you the possibility to become the one of most visible and exciting company at every event:

from participation in forums to projects presentations within the company.


250% more visitors

Increase the number of visitors of your stand to up to 250%


More Engaging

VR glasses always attract visitors - give them a fun experience while showing your brand

Get Attention

Be Innovative


the real environment by any additional 3D objects

With our AR Guide, you can show to your audience any additional objects in real world, such as Videos, Images and 3D Models using Augmented Reality

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your time
using automation

Our Virtual Humans will talk to each of your visitors on their language. This allows you to automate all the presentations your hosts have to do to each new visitor

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The Most Innovative Equipment

We provide you Magic Leap One and Hololens with your project to use for the presentation. These are the best Augmented Reality Glasses on the market which will bring to your event the most advanced experience.

A complete experience, with all included

Avatar Design

We design your Virtual Human appearance based on your needs and wishes. We also include your branding on the uniform, to make it even more personalized.

Script Writing

We write the full presentation script for your business cooperating with specialists that write personalized scripts using storytelling techniques that will sell your product or service.

3D Elements Design

We design high-quality 3D objects, as well as windows that are able to show videos, images, and slides to your visitors, allowing a fully immersive presentation.

Spatial Mapping

We can make the avatar walk around your stand, room or even the whole company. We use spacial anchors to allow the guide to be still even if the user is moving.

How does it work?