Automate your brand presentation

With AI Desk, you can greet your visitors with our virtual humans, answer to their questions, people while presenting your business.

An AI that speaks to you...

We use the most Conversational AI on the market. It can be trained to talk and act the way you want, answering diverse questions and handling well generalistic questions.

You can also plug your Data or Digital services, giving an Onsite Experience to your clients.

... and remembers every interaction

AI Desk uses computer vision in addition to the conversational AI. This allows it to store important data of every conversation it has, such as Facial Emotions, Demographics and even all questiosn and answers.

With AI Desk, you can understand exacly what is happening in your venue.

250% more visitors

Increase the number of visitors of your stand to up to 250%


traffic efficiency in over 80%

AI Desk handles frequent questions about your business and products, that correspond to more than 80% of visitors. That way, your staff is freer for the visitors that actually matter.

Show your Brand

Be Innovative


different languages

With our AI Desk, you can have a multilingual receptionist that automatically understands and replies on the language of your customer

Watch the video

your time
using automation

Our Virtual Humans will talk to each of your visitors on their language. This allows you to automate all the presentations your hosts have to do to each new visitor

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A complete experience, with all included

Avatar Design

We design your Virtual Human appearance based on your needs and wishes. We also include your branding on the uniform, to make it even more personalized.

AI Training

We can train the AI to speak to your clients the way you want. It can be trained in different languages and speak in different ways to different clients.

Cloud Integration

We can integrate your existing cloud services to our APIs, allowing your visitors to experience your cloud services by talking to one of our virtual humans